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High Fives

Girls Need Role Models



Founder & Director  


Classroom Catalyst was founded by Dr. Connie Titone, a 50-year educator dedicated to supporting and amplifying the voice and agency of girls in the classroom and beyond. She currently serves as professor emerita at Villanova University where she has prepared teachers and counselors to work in classroom and community settings for almost 20 years.


She is best known for her career-long focus and publication record on the History of the Philosophy of Education and Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion in school settings, as well as dynamic classroom instruction designed to lift every voice independent of the young person’s gender, race, or socio-economic background.


Dr. Titone began her teaching career in Louisiana, her home state, where she taught French to all students from pre-school to AP and worked as a High School Counselor in public, private, and parochial schools. She earned her doctorate at Harvard University, and has taught all over the world.

"Without leaps of imagination for dreaming,
we lose the excitement of imagination.
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." 

Gloria Steinham

Girl with a Tablet



We fund classroom instructors, coaches, camp, and religious leaders working in U.S. states, tribes, and territories in every content area, who serve students in Grades 2-12. This funding is for role models who are intentional and systematic at:


  • Calling on female identified youth at least as frequently as they call on male identified youth; 

  • Responding to trans- and cis- girls in detail with feedback and follow-up questions; and 

  • Bringing girls into all conversations and problem-solving activities.

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